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"Toll the bells that still will ring.
 Forget your perfect offerings.
 There is a crack in everything.
 That's how the light gets in."

-Leonard Cohen

A Holistic & Integrative

approach to mental health treatment

 Do you want to make meaningful change in your life, but don't know where to begin?
Life and living is all about creating and accepting change - 
change in how you feel, perceive, think and behave.
If you are reading this, you have already started the process...



  • Anxiety disorders (including PTSD and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)

  • Depressive disorders

  • Vocational counseling

  • Parenting skills

  • Relationship issues

  • Women’s health and self-image issues

  • Supervision for psychotherapists and addiction counselors

  • Therapy for other mental health professionals

  • Acculturation difficulties (for people new to this country or city and are finding it hard to “fit in”)

  • Difficulty studying (especially for College and Graduate Students)

  • Comprehensive referrals to other mental health-related resources


  • Individualized treatment for the person with the addiction problem or their concerned loved one

  • Recovery group

  • Abstinence and Harm-reduction based models employed

  • Comprehensive assessments and referrals to other levels of care for yourself, employee or loved one

  • Court-mandated assessments and monitoring for DWI and DUI

  • Reduce anxiety

  • Build self-confidence

  • Reduce/control pain

  • Increase overall feeling of well being

  • Improve health by understanding and reducing physical symptoms

  • Get rid of maladaptive (“Bad”) habits, including smoking


Psychotherapist and supervisor of therapists, addiction counselors and graduate students in in-patient, out-patient, psychiatric emergency room and private practice settings in New York City, I have worked in the fields of Psychiatry and Addiction for more than twenty years.  I am a licensed Clinical Social Worker, Addiction Counselor and Hypnotherapist.

My goal in psychotherapy is to help others correct the discord and disharmony within. 

My practice is a unique synthesis of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Trauma-focused Therapy,  Mindfulness-based Therapy and Hypnotherapy.  Ever present in me, I bring to my practice many years study of healing arts, visual arts, martial arts and physical-based movement.

•  MSW, New York University School of Social Work
•  Licensed Clinical Social Worker (New York State)
•  Certified Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Counselor (New York State)
•  Certified Hypnotherapist, National Guild of Hypnotherapists
•  Certified in Auricular Acupuncture
•  First degree Black Belt in Japanese Martial Arts Aikido & Kendo
•  Curently studying Boxing and Ballet

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"The first time I called Ellen, she picked up the phone and I knew my search for a therapist was over.

She's a calming force, listening and empathizing in a way that makes you feel like you're talking to a trusted friend."


"Ellen has been the voice of reason for me for a while now. Always patient, never judgmental, she'd allowed me to become more objective about my thought process to see where I might not be focusing the most positive outlooks.

I appreciate her demeanor, as she allows me to vent about frustrations and tribulations. I'm a big proponent of having someone to talk to that is neutral, who can help you to investigate what your life looks like from the outside in."


"Our work together continues to assist me in moving with patience and grace along a path of awakened participation in this life. I cannot thank her enough."


"I recommend Ellen without reservation. She has always been sensitive to my needs and has been extremely helpful in allowing me to be true to myself while maintaining a balance of things in my life…"



Ellen Varady

244 Fifth Ave  8A

New York, NY 10001


I look forward to meeting and working with you. Keeping your appointments is an important part of the process. Please be aware that should you cancel less than 24 hours prior to your appointment you are responsible for the full cost of the session .  

Call: 917-215-5826   |   Email:

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